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The Concept

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the concept and structure behind our unique organization, and welcome you to join us in the most exciting industry in the world.

Explorasport was created out of the recognition that as a relatively new industry, the Adventure and Active Tourism Industry was growing in services available, but that in the areas of marketing, promotion and verification (auditing) of the adventure experience was limited, and in some cases non-existent.

Formed in 1980, Explorasport took the lead in methodically opening doors to the world's best adventure experiences, seeking out new adventures for its membership, and along the way gaining a reputation from outfitters and participants alike as the name to look for in quality adventure experiences.

Today you are participating in the Explorasport Experience in a way we could only dream about in 1980. The good old Adventure Store on Queen street has long since closed, and the traffic through our virtual storefront is counted in millions of bytes as opposed to pairs of feet.
The Explorasport virtual corporation is now operated and represented around the world by the people who actually serve our members, the way we wanted it back then, but impossible until now.

One of our missions today is to find competent, trustworthy leaders who will be the ADVENTURE AUDITORS of tomorrow, for the upcoming global certification programs - proposed and in limited operation around the world.
The need is for multi-disciplinary and multi-talented individuals from countries and cultures around the world to participate, and investigate Eco-Tourism and Active Tourism facilities, certifying their conformance to safety, customer service and environmental sustainability.

I hope this information guide will stimulate your interest and imagination in what we can all accomplish by working together to encourage the world to "Get Out There!" and participate in whatever unique activity you have to offer...in a sustainable way!

Yours in Adventure,

Philip McMaster

What is Explorasport®?
Explorasport is a professional adventure sport consulting and promotion organization, offering a variety of adventure marketing systems. The Explorasport Adventure Network has, since 1980, acted as a source of specialized adventure information.

Explorasport serves individuals, organizations and governing bodies through its educational, promotional, consulting and field auditing services.

What are the aims of Explorasport®?
Explorasports' primary aim is to identify and stimulate the adventure market on an international basis, with its "Get Out There" slogan, in much the same way many national health and fitness organizations promote locally. ("Participaction" in Canada, "Ever thought of Sport?" in U.K. etc.)

As we gain international recognition, our promotion and assistance in the marketing, development and verification of high-quality professional adventure outfitters and coordinators around the world will only serve to improve the industry and lessen tourism's significant impact on the planet.

As Explorasport gains the public's interest and confidence though our certification efforts, and makes access to the adventure experience as easy as possible through internet technology, RecreoServiCentres and comparable standards, the entire Adventure Community will grow and prosper.

How do we Accomplish our Aims?

1.) The Explorasport Adventure Network

- Membership
- RecreAction Partners
- ExTreks RTW 'Round The World Airline Ticket Service

2.) The Explorasport Adventure Team

- Adventure Technologist Program
Affiliation of Tourism-Training Schools around the world offering the Explorasport Certification Module

- X-2000 Eco/Adventure Certification Service
Explorasport Certified Auditors travel the world performing ADVENTURE AUDITS checking facilities for safety, customer service and environmental stewardship

3.) Explorasport Adventure Coordination Group Inc.

- AdventSHARE
Recreational Equipment Time-Share and Purchase
- AdvenSURE
Recreational Industry Insurance Services
- A-Team Rescue
International team member rescue service

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